1. I’m writing this review on behalf of my 67-y/o diabetic and wheelchair-bound mother, who has raved about Dr. Jundt’s quality of care. He successfully performed vascular surgery on her, and under his care an open wound on her foot has finally begun to heal. She also said “he is the nicest person.” With all of her health issues, I am so grateful that she has an excellent doctor who makes her feel so comfortable. Thank you Dr. Jundt.

  2. Dr. Jundt was compassionate, informative, and very clear about the procedures I needed to have done. Both he & Dr. Nelson were comforting and patient. The entire staff was caring and efficient. I truly appreciate everything they did for me. Because of their knowledge and swiftness, I am feeling better than I have in weeks.
    Thank you so much!

  3. When I went to Doctor Nelson I could walk only two or three blocks without stopping for pain. Saturday I hiked 5 miles to the top of Pilot Butte and back, no pain. I owe that to the carefully, considered judgement and surgical skill of Dr. Wayne Nelson!

  4. My dad was impressed with Dr. Nelson. He was professional, personable and very easy to talk to. He explained everything so Dad could understand and feel comfortable about his procedure. The staff were courteous and efficient. He followed up that same day. Very nice of him to do.

  5. Dr. Long is an exceptional physician! He spent at least an hour with me answering my numerous questions, drawing diagrams and explained options in detail. Mine was a difficult surgery, but Dr. Long managed to get through the clogged femoral artery, put in 3 stents and checked on me on a regular basis while I was hospitalized. I now have full use of my left leg, exercise regularly and watch my diet carefully. If one needs to see a Vascular Surgeon who really is kind, caring and exceptionally skilled then I highly recommend Dr. Paul Long.

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